Commercial Science

We supply real matrix test samples for all routine analytical disciplines in the fields of food chemistry, food microbiology, genetically modified materials, drinking water chemistry and microbiology, environmental chemistry and microbiology. Our reputation as proficiency testing provider precedes us. The evidence for this is in the scientific literature, both peer reviewed publications in analytical journals and in conference proceedings depending on the project needs and requirements


Private Research

Inspired to change and contribute to medical and natural science, Our aim is to assist new and all fellowships with their individual publications within a safe, trusted environment. Publishing research in only one step, finding the proper emerging market venture is another. Fellowship has the opportunity to manage their own funding, laboratory, graduates and market application. our state of the art new system has revolutionized the way our independent researchers conduct their research, the system was built to embody all of the above



We welcome all interns from across the globe from all respected scientific fields, We host a variety of privet research projects that require interns, our Interns are the backbone to all our projects and are treated as a paid position. Undertaking a six-month internship or two-year internship, you can expect to work with creative, professional, brilliant upcoming scientists.


We are an innovative, research driven research group with affiliated Universities ranging from the United Kingdom to America that is focused on research development. 

NaturalMED Ltd provides comprehensive analytical services for soil, plant tissue, feed, fertilizer, medical testing and water.

The NaturalMED services also include production recommendations, remote sensing and precision capabilities. .